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Diamond Heart


I always wanted a diamond stamp but I decided it would be more exciting if I drew it myself!😁

I drew with a pencil and glossy accented the lines, and then the fun part–Watercolouring it! I love it that the watercolour doesn’t leak out because of my gloosy accented lines. I stamped a bear and those cute birds from Party Animals stamp set. Add a little sequins along the edges of the lines on my diamond heart and…


Tadahhh!! So proud of how it turned out! 😊😊

P.S. I recently entered this cute card for Anna Kossakovskaya’s CASometry 2 challengeĀ (CHECK IT OUT:!

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  1. Anna Kosskovskaya
    Anna Kosskovskaya at |

    Hello, Vera! Thank you so much for participating in my challenge! I like your coloring of the geart – looks so sweet!
    Can you only please add the direct link to my post, please?

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